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Peruvian Food

Tambo is authentic Peruvian cuisine 


Tambo is an Authentic Peruvian cuisine start-up restaurant located at 1414 Jefferson St., Oakland, California. Slated to open its doors May 17, 2013, Tambo will offer a selection of types of ceviche, an assortment of Peruvian tapas, and a variety of organic South American beers and wines. The Company will be located between the federal and State buildings. Tambo will be staffed by knowledgeable and trained professionals, and will operate with an emphasis on customer service and professionalism. Tambo serves a wide range of patrons in and around the Oakland metropolitan area. The Company will target the widest possible market segment, specifically targeting working professionals, older men and women, students, and families. Tambo's selection of unique menu options will directly address and meet the dining needs of a wide variety of individuals throughout the Oakland area. The Company will operate within the Eating Places industry.

When you eat local food you are getting the freshest and most delicious food. 

At Tambo Restaurant, we value our community by offering seasonally inspired food provided by our Oakland local farmers and producers. We support Oakland local farmers we hope you do too.